Coming to the USA

dee and ricky x g-shock ga111dr-7aIn what could be the biggest product roll-out in Casio’s history, the new Dee & Ricky collaboration GA111DR-7A watch release date is still unknown. We also don’t know how many of them will be available at each of the vendors’ locations. What we do know is that a record number of buyers are ready to plunk down the buck-thirty as soon as the watch hits the streets.

If you can’t wait, go to eBay and be willing to shell out around $300 or so (plus shipping). There are plenty available at the premium price. See “UPDATES” below for the latest news.

Then again, who knows, these things could be sold out within hours of becoming domestically (USA) available and none of this speculation would matter – like last time, you’ll be able to get as many of them as you want on eBay the next day (prices will be all over the place).

In the mean time, here’s some nice new really large pictures to check out.

And here’s a video by Watch-Tanaka that gives us a fabulous up close look at the watch

According to a few members of, a few of these watches have been trickling into Macy’s and are being snapped up immediately. If you have a Macy’s nearby, why not call (jewelry department) and ask if they have any, expect any – could they hold one for you? Casio is still mum about a general release; there’s a possibility that there won’t be one. They had a page on their buy-direct site ( but never turned it on so you could order one. As of a few days ago, the page was taken down and the message “Sorry, this item is not available for purchase through” was left behind for the thousands of dismally distraught consumers who are trying to get one before Christmas.


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