Stocking Stuffers – Under $60

GW500A-1V, G300-3AV street rider, G101-1, DW9052-1V, DW6900-1V, DW5600EThey demand a G-Shock for Christmas and you can’t bear to spend so much for a gift so small. Well, here are six of those rough, tough, plastic fantastic wrist pucks that cost a lot less than you thought you’d have to shell out. Starting at $40, these are the real thing: super shock proof, water proof, and loaded with digital features. They are all fashionably large. Some are all digital, some a combination of analog and digital, and there’s even one here that features solar power and atomic timekeeping. As of this posting date (November 27, 2011) all of these watches are available from (who includes shipping cost in the price and who has a very reasonable exchange policy). Very large front and rear view pictures and full feature lists can be viewed by clicking here.


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