On the Wrists of Nerds

Casio Seiko Pulsar Citizen Timex Nautica Pedre Orient Wenger Torgoen
Do you walk around some days with a math problem stuck in your head rather than a simple musical jingle like everyone else. Do you yearn for numeric answers everywhere you go – want to calculate things all the time because everything has a digital value, or a velocity, or some form of dynamic mass or volume? Is your IQ a notch too high and your curiosity a tad too hungry? Do your friends call you “professor” or “doc?” Are you a math addict?

Well, kids, a pilot’s aviation computation watch might ease the mental pain of everyday calculating compulsions. Presented here are watches for people who happily think too much; Based on the circular E6B aviation slide rule, you can, with an easy twisting of the dial, solve an incredible number of diverse mathematical brain-teasers. Get one of these watches and you’ll be able to crank out solutions and conversions no matter where you are; in line at a Game Stop midnight release, in the shower, in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil, at a meeting with your boss who’s asked you an impossible question, out with the wife in the supermarket trying to figure out her cooking ingredient portions, sitting in front of the TV waiting for the commercials to end – anywhere, anytime.

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And these watches are so cool looking! Luckily, Casio, Seiko, Pulsar, Citizen, Timex, Nautica, Pedre, Orient, Wenger, and Torgoen have all come to market with interesting designs, good fashion sense, a mix of useful features and reasonable prices (all watches in this round-up are under $500 and most are available from amazon.com with excellent discounts). The biggest differences among them will be:
..1) internal or external rotating slide ring – internal wears better, external is easier to operate
..2) inclusion of chrono – indispensable for time-distance-fuel usage problems
..3) band or bracelet – stainless outlasts rubber. rubber is more compliant
..4) power – automatic means no batteries but less accurate than quartz, solar is the best, but more expensive
..5) time setting – mechanical date needs occasional reset, perpetual calendar, or atomic (self resetting via radio)
..6) time zones – the pilots need this but geeks not so much. Quite handy when you live near a zone line
..7) style, size, and color – thankfully there’s a lot to choose from.

Pilot watches are not just for pilots – every geek should rock one; step up their chic.


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