Yikes, Monsters!

seiko orange black monster skx779_skx781Again (and just in time for early gift getting), Amazon is offering the “monsters” at super-attractive prices. It’s not that the price is better than ever or that an event like this never happens, but that the deal is on now and you can get one (or the other) now without all the fuss and fumble of shopping. So, this is your friendly “heads-up” that there’s a hot promotion on a watch that every man wants. Click here to read an in depth review and watch a comprehensive video. Click here to see really large pictures.It has come to our attention that a lot of people are looking at the Seiko “baby monster” watches that are slightly less bulky and have an option for a white dial not found in the original monster line. We would caution that the SKX007, et al are not the same – the differences, thanks to Watch Report, are well explained in the video below.
At this time, November 18, 2011 the prices for both lines are about the same, leaving one to wonder why buy the “baby” when you can get the original for roughly the same price?


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