G-Shock Sneak Peek

G-Shock Blue ray army green GA110FC parre GB-6900
UPDATE: BETTER PICTURES HAVE BEEN POSTED – See November 1, 2011 Post – New G-Shocks – click here
We apologize for the horrible graphics in this post. Casio leaks information about new items in numerous ways and we who report on the products are constantly left ‘best guessing” where the next morsel will appear. This time the announcement comes in a tightly limited distribution Japanese Casio catalog, only one of which so far has been scanned and uploaded. For now, this is what we have to work with, but as soon as more is available, it will be published here.

better pics of the GB6900 bluetooth series and the Parra are now posted – click any pic in the gallery below then click next to scroll on..

Here are the model numbers and prices:
GW-M5610KG-3JF …. 22,050 Yen
GXW-56KG-3JF …. 29,400 Yen
GW-6900KG-3JF …. 22,050 Yen
GW-7900KG-3JF …. 24,150 Yen
AWG-M500KG-3AJF …. 25,200 Yen


GA-110FC-1AJF …. 15,750 Yen
GA-110FC-2AJF …. 15,750 Yen
GA-111DR-7AJR …. 18,900 Yen


GB-6900-4JF …. 18,900 Yen
GB-6900-1JF …. 18,900 Yen
GB-6900-7JF …. 18,900 Yen


LOV11A-7AJR …. 31,500 Yen
LOV11B-1BJR …. 29,925 Yen


Parre x G-Shock DW-5600PR-4JR 14,700
GA-201-1AJF …. 17,850 Yen
GA-200-1AJF …. 17,850 Yen
AWG-100BC-1CJF …. 32,550 Yen
GW-2310BD-1CJF …. 35,700 Yen


Dee & Ricky X G-Shock crazy colors GA110FC-1A GA110FC-2ABetter picture below (click to enlarge – use back button to return)
Dee & Ricky X G-Shock crazy colors GA110FC-1A GA110FC-2A
Dee & Ricky X G-Shock crazy colors GA110FC-1A GA110FC-2ABetter picture below..
GA-110FC-2A g-shockGA-110FC-1A_g-shockga111dr-7_ga-111dr7 dee and ricky


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