G-Shock October 2011 – Jasons, G-8900, GW4000

G-Shock G-8900, New Jasons, GW-4000
Jason Strikes Again
New G-001 models are expected soon, And again, it’s all about the color options; more possibilities to improve your chance to match your watch to your new Jordon elephant skins..

Triple G Resist
Due to be released in Japan on November 10, 2011, the new GW-4000 series include three colorways and introduces G-Shock’s “Triple G Resist” technology. The dial layout is familiar, all analog with three sub-dials and a date window at 5 o’clock. The case shape is GW-3000 as are the timekeeping features – so, what we are looking at here is new colors to choose from and improved durability at a 15% higher price point.

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8900 Confusion
Yes the case, bezel and G-button is the same for both the G-8900 & G-8900A series and the GW-8900 and GW-8900A series, but the dials are different and the G-8900 (and G-8900As) are not equipped with solar or atomic features. If that is not confusing enough, there are also the GR8900A watches which look like the GW-8900 (& A) series but are being distributed everywhere but in Japan and don’t have the Atomic feature.

As for which of these watches may gain some attention: the blue one with the mirror dial is pretty flashy and the all white/grey model has an esthetic purity and balance that makes it fresh and fashionable despite the Dumbo eared case.

Other recently announced limited edition G-Shocks are included in the gallery below

Here is an up-close peek at the limited edition Globe X from Watch Tanaka

We watch the Japanese announcements so closely for new models, new technology and some insight as to Casio’s marketing direction that it’s not hard to overlook the subtleties of availability and impending rareness of products that we take for granted. It goes unreported (elsewhere, anyway) that the Jason watches have disappeared completely from the USA catalog. If this is a sign of “drying-up” of the supply, that possibly these watches were a more limited production than Casio led us to believe, then the existing stock at Dexclusive, Watch Colony, MrWatch, Jakes, et.al., might be the last available at the “everyday pricing” of $79 (G001-1) and $89-99 (G001HC-1 and G001-1BDR) and an investment opportunity. Since, as is the obvious general rule, ie, when a watch model becomes rare, the price goes up, we would urge collectors to take a look at (and perhaps acquire) the G001HC-3JF and the G001B-2DR before they begin to climb up out of the $159 price range. And, as always, comments on this blog are just observations – we try to give you guys a “heads-up” whenever we notice these sorts of things – and we hope you profit from them.


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