Popular G-Shock 6900 Series Picture Gallery

G-Shock keeps expanding the Gw6900, G6900, glx6900 and dw6900 series
We’ve been busy working on a G-Shock database of Casio’s more popular products — pictures first.
Since it might be helpful for our readers to have the pictures for their own research, we decided to go ahead and get them published. More information about each model and new models as they’re released will be added to this post as time goes on.
For those of you that would like to see larger pictures, click on any of the pictures in the gallery below and then click on “permalink.” Above each picture there is a “next” button which will take you to the following picture in the gallery. Use your “back” button to return.

To be added:
Turbokolor X
Chez Maman X
Hotei X
Jordon X
Skull Candy X
GW-6900KG-3JF – Army Green
GB-6900-4JF – (blue tooth)
GB-6900-1JF – (blue tooth)
GB-6900-7JF – (blue tooth)
Others? Please submit your suggestions.

If you are curious about how these products evolve, the following video provides some insight.

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