New G-Shock – September 2011

_g-shock_dw6900_atmos_ _g-shock_dw6900b_granrodeo_1_ _g-shock_ga100b-7ajf_ _g-shock_ga-100b-4ajf_ _g-shock_ga-100b-7ajf_led_ _g-shock_gd-100ns-7jr_nigel_1_ _g-shock_gd-100ns-7jr_nigel_2_ _g-shock_gd-100ns-7jr_nigel_3_ _g-shock_gw8900a-7jf_ _g-shock_gw-8900-1jf_ _g-shock_gw-8900a-1jf_ _g-shock_gw-9110gy-1jf_gulfman_1_ _g-shock_gw-9200gyj-1jf_riseman_1_ _g-shock_gw-9300-1jf_mudman_1_ _g-shock_gw-9200gyj-1jf_riseman_1_ _g-shock_gw-9300-1jf_mudman_1_ _g-shock_gw-9300-1jf_mudman_2_ _g-shock_gw-9300gy-1jf_mudman_1_ _g-shock_mtg-1200-1ajf_ _g-shock_mtg-1200b-1ajf_ _g-shock-g-1200g-1a_ _g-shock-g-1250g-1a_ _g-shock-g-9200gy-1_riseman_ _g-shock-g-9300gy-1_mudman_ _g-shock-gr-8900-1_ _g-shock-gr-8900a-1_ _g-shock-gr-8900a-7_ _g-shock-gr-9110gy-1_gulfman_
G-Shock is releasing several new configurations of their popular models and a number of limited editions worthy of your consideration. As usual, these watches are to be released in the Japanese and Asian international markets – with some of them being eventually added to the USA catalog. Click below to check out the big pictures.

Here is a fantastic close up look at the Nigel Sylvester watch by Watch-Tanaka

The MTG series does not get as much attention in the G-Shock world, but the video below makes a good case for the MTG1200b-1AJF to be in your collection and on your wrist those days when you want to show off some classy high-tech stealth.

And here’s their Men in Smoky Gray Gulfman and Riseman vids:

UPDATE: October 30, 2011 – the new Casio G-Shock g9300gy-1 Mudman has been added to the USA catalog and should be available soon from the normal outlets. With it’s lush set of features and extra durability, it is highly recommended by this blog.


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  1. lsutigerdad

    Trying to purchase a Casio GW3000M-4A with the orange band. You have it pictured above. Everyone seems to be out of stock with this item. Can you point me to a reputable source to buy a new item. thanks in advance.

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