Nooka X BMX Stars

Nooka BMX Mike Spinner Matt Waldman Edwin Delarosa Steve McCann Morgan Wade zub zoo zot zehn
In their marketing wisdom, Nooka has attached an influential BMX hero to each of their four more interesting watch models and made them (edgy and) fashionable in an attractive street-wise youth-culture way. The expression “dope” was invented for stuff like this.

Endorsements in the BMX world are particularly lean in the wrist watch sector, so Nooka has landed a first, most and best position with this inspired move. Kudos, Matt, you are a smart man!

Waldman has been courting the BMX players for some time – Nigel Sylvester, Zack Yankush, Tyler Faoro, and Karl-Anthony Richards have publicly rocked the Nooka products. But the new improved BMX “Team Nooka” is an organized, well executed mature business plan that should make a huge difference in Nooka’s future. The “Team Nooka” strategy also includes (so far) snowboarder, Kaitlyn Farrington (“Snow”), Lacross champion, Paul Rabil and pro drifter, Ryan Tuerck (“Style”); an impressive line-up of stars in emerging sports that are bound to be big in the years to come.

But, this article is about Nooka and BMX – so here are some pictures and product information.

Representing are BMX celebrities:
Mike Spinner, bmx parks, also sponsored by BallPark, Monster, Nike6.0, Hyper, Bell, Maxxim, Albes,, and alienation
Steve McCann, big air, also sponsored by Mongoose, Bell Helmets,
Edwin De La Rosa, urban street, also sponsored by also Red Bull, DC Shoes, Dan’s Comp, Front Street, Skavenger, and Animal Bikes
Morgan Wade, big air, also sponsored by Etnies, Levi’s, Maxxis, and ODI

Retailing at $100 each, these watches present a pretty good value. And since they are limited editions and will become collectors’ items eventually, they could prove to be a decent long-term investment as well.

Nooka Collectibles
Readers interested in collecting watches are encouraged to visit Nooka’s Collaborations page on their site: and their Collectibles Archive page: Nooka is all about colorful fashion that never seems to go out of vogue. Collect their older models and you’ll always have something unique to mix-n-match with any outfit for a special occasion.

Images Nooka, Inc.


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