Braun Bitch-Slaps E-Ink

From the company that brought you your favorite coffee grinder.

We don’t know if Braun is going to make an appearance in the US with this product and at these prices this blogger recommends that they take a long hard look first. But the display technology is interesting, giving e-ink a run for it’s money. Also, there are a lot of serious fans of the Braun brand (and, I’m one of them) who will purchase the product in a heady mix of loyalty and faith.

From the press release on July 27, 2011:

“Braun timepieces is launching the new BN10 developed and made in Germany. This remarkable timepiece has a completely new movement system. The BN10 uses a battery-operated digital module and the patented EasySkroll® v2.0 operating system. The BN10 has the best negative display ever made, achieving a degree of clarity that is superior to any other. The BN10 is water resistant to 3 bar and is available in a stainless steel or black version with the choice of a rubber strap as well as metal bracelets.”
Here’s some cropped glamor shots from Braun’s latest press release packet. One of the shots has been photoshop lightened to show how the rubber strap works.

It goes on to say that you can pre-order the items at their website, This blog reports this new product because of a irrational love for European appliances and fondness for watches in the shape of little 1960s television sets. Anyway, the prices (please sit down before reading this) are $545 for the black rubber model and &$579 for the stainless. Whew! To mitigate the entry price, Brawn wanranties their product for two years – and will whisper in your ear, “diees vatch vill lasdt oyuu ad leasd tredt hundrd yeers, mine frendt:”


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