Steampunk – Timeless Time Machines

I’ve been enjoying steampunk ever since Mad Max and Max Headroom, so it just seemed natural to include some of the cool stuff that has shown up on mainstream sites like and eBay.

Here is a one-of-a-kind SP watch ring that caught my attention recently. The description of it while it was available said, “STERLING SteamPunk Watch Movement Ring. Mysterious Mechanisms Marking Time.. A gorgeous vintage 17 jewel watch movement is set into sterling setting on an adjustable sterling band adjustable your size. Note the large bright rubies and cool striated mottled surface of this movement by AVIA. Myriad rubies and gears abound- some of them can still move. Though no longer functioning it is big and beautiful, with winder intact! Mark time in unique Steampunk style with this one of kind 19 Moons ring.” Steampunk watch ring niffer desmond pittsburgSteam punk ring watch


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