Storm of London Streetwise Wristwear

Storm of London already had an interesting, edgy offering of wrist watches and then for 2011 they exploded with wild new colorways and kick-ass designs. All of the new products are quite reasonably priced and are all available on-line now – you don’t have to wait like some manufacturers make you. A few of the pieces are limited edition, so if you are a collector, here’s another opportunity to sock away some wearable equity.

Also, if you like dress-sports watches, Storm has you covered there as well. The Aquanaut Duo 1000m is a good value for £299.99. This watch has all the premium qualities of “STORM BLACK,” with features such as date, swiss movement, and sapphire glass. This watch is water resistant to an impressive 1,000m and offers dual time with a textured stainless steel bezel and strap. Available in slate and silver.


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