Meister – New Models, New Colors

It’s hard to know where the Meister designers might have been heading when they started, but now it’s becoming more evident with the release of each new model – this is a clubbing, hip-hop and street savvy line that we’ll see especially on the wrists of guys that spend the money for top-shelf branded apparel and know how to mix it up for a distinctive look. And look who’s rockin’ Meistro these days; CeeLo, SnoopDog, Peanutbutter Wolf, Drama, and even dk-head Terrell Owens

Several of the watches pictured are limited editions and have become collectibles. And like other brands we’ve seen, when a limited edition model sells out and becomes rare, it’s value goes up – the fewer of them available, the more people want them. Check that out on eBay.

Meister watches show good value. Based on the materials used, you would think these watches would cost a lot more than they do. Stainless case, back, bezel, buckle and crown with hardened mineral crystal and liberally lumed hands and markers, rubber strap, hand assembly and one year warranty belies the starting price of $160 by double or more. Use this store-finder link to locate a retailer near you.


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