Excellent Sport Watches – Swiss Quartz on a Budget

Stuhrling Original Sport Watches
To think that you could get a well engineered Swiss sport watch for $80. to $140. would usually be just plain dumb. But here we are – three fantastic timepieces that you can rock for cheap from Stuhrling Original. Check out the big pictures and special features after the jump..

Incorporating high quality Swiss quartz movements and some excellent fashion ideas, Stuhrling Original has pony’d up style and function at beater prices. Click on one of the images below to bring up the gallery of large pictures.

There is a linking image in the sidebar on the left side that you can click to get to more information and prices.
Price Update (July 26, 2011) – as often happens, I find the most amazing deals, get them published on this blog and no one takes advantage of the deals. Two of the three watches here have gone up in price since I posted them. I would suggest for those of you who share my taste and would like to get the hot deals that I find, that you check back regularly and if you like something, make the purchases quickly.


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