Save Flipper – Dolphins, Whales and G-Shocks

G-Shocks Dolphins Whales
G-Shock collaborates with I.C.E.R.C. Proceeds go to Whale and Dolphin research and education programs. EARTHWATCH and other institutions benefit from sales of GW6900K-7, GW9201KJ-9 and BGR-3003K-2JR. Casio’s online store on their Japanese site – CASIO STORE– is taking orders for the watches. I wouldn’t put off the purchase too long if you want one, since the edition is limited to 6500 units.

Also funds from sales at Flipper’s Store – FLIPPER– go to helping the endangered animals.

So, buy a watch and save a whale.

Here’s the direct link to I.C.E.R.C. – ICERC– Turn on your Google translator if you aren’t fluent in Japanese. And support them – they are an excellent cause.

Here’s the link to WUS (Watchuseek) – WUS– They have a forum specific to G-Shock –– G-SHOCK FORUM Of all the special interest blogs, watchuseek is far-and- away the most complete, informative and up-to-date on the internet.


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